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Srinuggur – Bridge of Shops. c1864


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Srinuggur – Bridge of Shops. c1864

19th century Photograph of India by Samuel Bourne taken between 1864 
and 1866. Individual photograph from a presentation album dated March
1868. Photograph has been removed from album and is held in an archival 
English photographer Samuel Bourne arrived in India in January 1863 
and for the next seven years traveled the country extensively taking 
exquisite photographs. He ventured deep into the Himalayas, and Kashmir 
and going even further into the Himalayas a second time, 
photographing sights that even today, few have ever seen. 

Ref: 3in1541

Condition: Very good contrast and tonality

Photographer : Samuel Bourne # 788

Size: 9.25 x 11.375 inches, 235 x 290 mm

Authenticity guaranteed.

Bourne noted: “The first three days after my arrival at Srinugger were spent in “wanderings in search of the picturesque;” and, if my readers will accompany me in these peregrinations, they will see most of the beauties of this “terrestrial paradise.” Finding the visitors’ “bungalows” all full I pitched my tent on the left hand of the river under the shade of some mulberry trees. It was the 3rd of July and as fine a morning as ever dawned on earth, when I awoke after a sound night’s sleep, in the highest possible spirits to set forth on my mission of pleasure.” .

He continues:  “I stepped into my boat and gave orders to be rowed to the “dhul” or lake, distant about three miles. Passing down the river in the cool shade of the lofty poplars, we soon come to the first of the seven bridges of Srinugger. These bridges are very curios in construction and picturesque in appearance. They are built on large wooden piles of deodar logs crossed and pinned together, and, though looking anything but substantial, seem to have stood for many generations. Some of them have a row of shops flanking the roadway on each side, resembling Old London Bridge, if we may believe the prints we have seen of it.” Bourne, S, Narrative of a Photographic Trip to Kashmir (Cashmere) and the Adjacent Districts, The British Journal of Photography, 4 January 1867, p.4

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