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A View of the Scinde Valley. c1864


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A View of the Scinde Valley. c1864

19th century Photograph of India by Samuel Bourne taken between 1864 
and 1866. Individual photograph from a presentation album dated March
1868. Photograph has been removed from album and is held in an archival 
English photographer Samuel Bourne arrived in India in January 1863 
and for the next seven years traveled the country extensively taking 
exquisite photographs. He ventured deep into the Himalayas, and Kashmir 
and going even further into the Himalayas a second time, 
photographing sights that even today, few have ever seen. 

Ref: 3in1540

Condition: Excellent contrast and tonality, minor edge fading

Photographer : Samuel Bourne # 985

Size: 9.5 x 11.375 inches, 240 x 290 mm

Bourne noted: …I was anxious to explore the Scind valley, a tributary of the main valley of Kashmir running far up into the mountains towards Ladak – a little river sparkling through it from the snows above. And well was my perseverance rewarded, for up this valley I saw some of the finest mountain scenery it has ever been my fortune to look upon. As I should have to return the same way, I decided to push on as fast as possible to the head of the valley, or as far as I could get, keeping a sharp look-out for pictures, which I should thus be better to take on my return. The distance was over fifty miles, which I accomplished in three days. On the first two marches I saw nothing very striking and began to fear that my toilsome journey would fear a bad “spec.,” but still had hopes, as I saw the valley narrowing, the mountains before me closing in, and the snow peeping out on some of their loftier peaks, that I should come to something better presently; and I was not deceived.” Bourne, S, Narrative of a Photographic Trip to Kashmir (Cashmere) and the Adjacent Districts, The British Journal of Photography, 23 January 1867, p.39

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