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Nepaly Lady

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Nepaly Lady


Price: $650.00 USD


Description: Beautiful image of a Nepaly Lady wearing her wealth in jewelry. At some time the photograph has been foldedand the lines of the creases are faint but visible. However they do not impact the image.

Reference#: 3eg760

Condition: Very good contrast and tonality, however there are four straight horizontal creases that do not impact the image

Year: c1890

Country: India

Maker: A. Hefferan, Darjeeling

Height: 7.75 in. (19.68 cm)

Width: 5.75 in. (14.60 cm)

Shipping inside United States: $15.00

Shipping outside United States: $25.00

Dealer accepts: Money Order, Wire Transfer, PayPal

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Materials: Albumen photograph in archival mat