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Dhurmsala – 3 part Panoramic view from the Barracks. c1864


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Dhurmsala – 3 part Panoramic view from the Barracks. c1864

19th century Photograph of India by Samuel Bourne taken between 1864 
and 1866. Individual photograph from a presentation album dated March
1868. Photograph has been removed from album and is held in an archival 
English photographer Samuel Bourne arrived in India in January 1863 
and for the next seven years traveled the country extensively taking 
exquisite photographs. He ventured deep into the Himalayas, and Kashmir 
and going even further into the Himalayas a second time, 
photographing sights that even today, few have ever seen. 

Ref: 3in1533 – 3in1535

Condition: Good contrast and tonality, some crazing in the negative of the sky area of #530

Photographer : Samuel Bourne #s 528, 529 & 530

Size: 9.125 x 11.25 inches, 230 x 280 mm average size. Matted separately.

Bourne noted: “I then continued my journey towards Dhurmsala … It was a great relief to look forward to some days’ respite from marching, for I expected to stop here about a week or ten days; but, as it afterwards turned out, my stay extended to nearly six weeks. It commenced raining the day after my arrival, and scarcely ceased for ten days. I remained in this deluge for two days in my tent till I was nearly flooded out, when through the kindness of a gentleman in the station, I obtained possession of one of the officers’ quarters for the rest of my stay.
The situation of Dhurmsala is very fine. Below lies the rich valley of Kangra, and immediately above rises the great snowy range which I have before alluded to. I was very anxious to get some views of the latter, but it was covered every day with clouds.” Bourne, S, Narrative of a Photographic Trip to Kashmir (Cashmere) and Adjacent Districts, The British Journal of Photography, 19 October 1866, p.498

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