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Chumba – From Choughan or Hockey Ground. c1864


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Chumba – From Choughan or Hockey Ground. c1864

19th century Photograph of India by Samuel Bourne taken between 1864 
and 1866. Individual photograph from a presentation album dated March
1868. Photograph has been removed from album and is held in an archival 
English photographer Samuel Bourne arrived in India in January 1863 
and for the next seven years traveled the country extensively taking 
exquisite photographs. He ventured deep into the Himalayas, and Kashmir 
and going even further into the Himalayas a second time, 
photographing sights that even today, few have ever seen. 

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Condition: Excellent contrast and tonality

Photographer : Samuel Bourne #551

Size: 9.125 x 11 inches, 235 x 280 mm

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Bourne noted: “I left in a few days for Chumba, a small independent state belonging to the Rajah of that name. I found here three Europeans – the English resident at the Rajah’s court, the Government Conservator of Forests, and a missionary, all Scotchmen. They received me very kindly, and during my stay we all dined together two or three times a week, and spent some of those pleasant evenings which are characteristic of Englishmen (in which I of course include Scotchmen) when a few of them meet together, no matter in what corner of the globe it may be.
The appearance of Chumba is very picturesque. It is situated in the heart of the mountains, whose grassy slopes wore quite a pastoral aspect, and reminded me of the English lake district minus the lakes. The houses creep up the sides of the mountain, at the foot of which is a beautiful level of green or maidan, about 500 years long by 200 wide. This was formerly the choughan, where the ancient game of “hockey on horseback” was played. The game is still played in some parts of Northern India and Ladakh. Below this, at a distance of some 1,500 feet, runs the Ravee, a considerable river descending rapidly from the snows above. Chumba is a stronghold of Hindooism; though not a very large place, there could not be less than fifty Hindoo temples in it.” Bourne, S, Narrative of a Photographic Trip to Kashmir (Cashmere) and Adjacent Districts, The British Journal of Photography, 2 November 1866, p.524

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